Learn secrets about sex and sexuality that many people will never learn in a lifetime
Sex is not profane. It is Sacred
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SEX: The silent topic with immense consequences

Do you have discussion in your church on the subject?
Do you speak to the youth?

Do you discuss the subject among the more emotionally mature population? 
Do you know if the married couples have a healthy understanding of the subject?

Yes, you are spiritually mature. But, how is your maturity regarding your own sexuality?

Sex will never be a neutral matter in your marriage. 
It either drives you together or drives you apart.

Everything that God creates reveals something about His nature. 
What is there about sex that reveals God's nature? 
What is it about God's nature that is revealed through sex?

What about those for whom sex is a reminder of the most painful experiences of their lives? How do you help them to heal from a warped perspective of sex.

How does this brokenness fit in the larger gospel story? 
Can we take our brokenness in our sexuality to God and allow him to mend it?

Let's start the discussion.

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